The Tommy Hilfiger brand has just lunched the new TommyXZendaya Spring 2019 collection, handled by the iconic American designer together with the actress and brand's ambassador, Zendaya.

High-waisted jeans, suits, structured silhouettes and highly refined satin shirts recall the sophisticated atmospheres of the fabulous Seventies.

TommyXZendaya is admittedly a choice of the strong and iconic women of the 70s, recalling their way of being and the aesthetics expressed in the color palettes.

Nuance cream, navy, burgundy and red Cabernet, but also rainbow stripes and multi-colored prints inspired by the zodiac are mixed, in a kaleidoscope of groove style.

Wide-legged trousers and a narrow-waisted jacket echo the nostalgic style of the Peace & Love and flowers period, declined in the most chic version.

The collection was presented with a fashion show in Paris with guests and icons of the New York's 1970s.

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