Marynda and Tommy Hilfiger united for green fashion

Marynda and Tommy Hilfiger united for green fashion
 Marynda and Tommy Hilfiger united for green fashion

Today more than ever, the health of our planet is at the center of important discussions, everyone wants to make their voices heard, students, biologists and even the world of fashion.

Tommy Hilfiger, an American brand sold worldwide, is aware of the environmental crisis affecting our ecosystem and above all of the impact that the fashion industry has on the environment.

Tommy Hilfiger in recent years is concretely giving his contribution to reduce forms of pollution and limit waste, demonstrating his sensitivity towards projects that safeguard the environment for which the brand has launched the first 100% made collection on the market recycled denim yarns, that is, from scraps of recovered fabrics and yarns again to give it a second life, this line is distinguished by a new label, obviously green, with the writing I'M RECICLED, so even the most distracted customer can do the most an informed and informed choice.

In general the American company, at the moment, manages to realize its collections for 80% in recycled or low environmental impact materials, such as its famous iconic garments such as organic cotton t-shirts or primal tops instead of in goose down.

At Marynda we are increasingly orienting our choices on purchases and brands that have an eco-sustainable vision, as we are aware that fashion is the second industry with a global impact on discharges in water, waste materials to be disposed of and above all abuse of plastic packaging. We cannot intervene in the production phases of the garments while we are very close to the topic of packaging and in our own small way we want to contribute. At every delivery that arrives in the store we are literally overwhelmed by enormous quantities (very often useless and overlapping) of packaging plastics, this involves a large quantity of waste materials to be disposed of in the most correct way.

This theme obviously concerns all the individual retail outlets, be they large or small, hoping that most of our colleagues will be committed to the correct way of waste management and also hope that they will then be properly disposed of or recovered by companies in the sector.

Hence our appeal, launched in recent weeks with the eco-friendly campaign on all social platforms with the launch of Hasthtag NAKED FASHION, or 'we strip fashion', a quick and understandable message that asks people to strip their clothes from its packaging, to remain more impressed it has created a play on words, that is, to displace close to the word FASHION which is obviously associated with dressing. We at Marynda hope that with this small but revolutionary message we can sensitize the community towards plastic abuse and in particular fashion companies, which make excessive use of it.

The hashtag #NakedFashion, has found a great consensus on the part of many colleagues, who have shown themselves to be very supportive of a problem that concerns us all, and that could have very serious and permanent consequences on our planet. The future is in the hands of each of us, we try to spread the message and let ourselves be heard by the big fashion houses so as to interrupt this useless poisoning of our environment.

You as the final consumer have the great responsibility to consciously choose your purchases, make the right choice, in your small you can give a great help, limit the use of plastic to what is strictly necessary and choose shops and brands. Look at the eco-system .

You can proudly choose an incredibly GREEN Tommy Hilfiger fabulous look.